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All Trader Hunter Thief Honor Rank
RankChar nameJob typeLevelExp
1MaldaronTrader Trader82132667
2SoulTrader Trader7615318
3SiranaTrader Trader7229570
4YouthThief Thief7145570
5KeNnieThief Thief753136
6EdjkaTrader Trader4886128
7YourKillerHunter Hunter390190
8HalloweenTrader Trader2363629
9TeodoraTrader Trader2313580
10SilentiaTrader Trader2296965
11CykaTrader Trader2292413
12AtroxTrader Trader2275992
13HIGH___T0WERTrader Trader2243495
14PhadeusTrader Trader2217828
15Jeremias2KTrader Trader2574
16NorseGodTyrTrader Trader1673690
17SmoothTrader Trader1646242
18RiheetTrader Trader1574654
19NamjaHunter Hunter1493491
20Sabimaru919Trader Trader1423193
21smRTrader Trader1313754
22RipineHunter Hunter1224575
23MoNKeY_KiNGTrader Trader1212750
24DODOTrader Trader1181373
25Sabimaru909Thief Thief1768


Server Information
Status :

Players online: 4/500 (0.8%)
Team Member Online: 0 / 4
Max online: 18
Level Cap: 110
Experience rate: 20x
Party Experience rate: 25x
Item drop: 5x
Gold drop: 2x
Alchemy: 1x
HWID Limit: 2
IP Limit: 4

D11 Seal Of X
Nova Egy A Egy B
5 10 7
Edjka Found Heaven Necklace

Fortress Status & Time
Fortress Guild Tax
Alexandria The_Elite Tax: 5%
Fortress Begin End
Reg Friday 17:00 19:00
FW Friday 20:00 21:30

Top 1 Ranking
Top Name
Char Soul
Guild The_Elite
Hunter Ripine
Trader Maldaron
Thief pax
PvP Soul

Weekly Ranking
Events Name Points
Job NorseGodTyr 0
Unique Leeloo 15
Alchemy NorseGodTyr 0
Donate NorseGodTyr 0

Unique Kill
Name Unique
1LeelooKilledPrincess Miyene

Name Message
1 Leeloo GM
2 Makaveli anyone hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee
3 Edjka sadasdasdasdasdads

Name Name
1 Edjka Killed Server
2 Edjka Killed Server
3 Edjka Killed Server