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Char Name Item Type Image Item Name Type Level Plus Value
EdjkaRing (L)Heaven Ring Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaRing (R)Heaven Ring Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaEarringHeaven Earring Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaNecklaceHeaven Necklace Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaHeadApetipa Hat Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaShouldersApetipa Himation Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaSuitApetipa Robe Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaLegsApetipa UnderRobe Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaHandsApetipa Mitten Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaShoesApetipa Weave Seal of Nova1015
EdjkaWeaponNeptiaras Egy A1019+(2) ADV


Server Information
Status :

Players online: 4/500 (0.8%)
Team Member Online: 0 / 4
Max online: 18
Level Cap: 110
Experience rate: 20x
Party Experience rate: 25x
Item drop: 5x
Gold drop: 2x
Alchemy: 1x
HWID Limit: 2
IP Limit: 4

D11 Seal Of X
Nova Egy A Egy B
5 10 7
Edjka Found Heaven Necklace

Fortress Status & Time
Fortress Guild Tax
Alexandria The_Elite Tax: 5%
Fortress Begin End
Reg Friday 17:00 19:00
FW Friday 20:00 21:30

Top 1 Ranking
Top Name
Char Soul
Guild The_Elite
Hunter Ripine
Trader Maldaron
Thief pax
PvP Soul

Weekly Ranking
Events Name Points
Job NorseGodTyr 0
Unique Leeloo 15
Alchemy NorseGodTyr 0
Donate NorseGodTyr 0

Unique Kill
Name Unique
1LeelooKilledPrincess Miyene

Name Message
1 Leeloo GM
2 Makaveli anyone hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee
3 Edjka sadasdasdasdasdads

Name Name
1 Edjka Killed Server
2 Edjka Killed Server
3 Edjka Killed Server