Welcome to Asgard !
Char Name Item Type Image Item Name Type Level Plus Value
SoulRing (L)Paradise Jewel RingNormal1014
SoulRing (R)Paradise Jewel RingNormal1014
SoulEarringParadise Jewel EarringNormal1014
SoulNecklaceParadise Jewel NecklaceNormal1014
SoulWeaponBreakers Seal of Nova1018+(2) ADV
SoulHeadSoothsayer Hat Egy A1015
SoulShouldersSoothsayer Talisman Egy A1015
SoulSuitSoothsayer Suit Egy A1015
SoulLegsSoothsayer Trousers Egy A1015
SoulHandsSoothsayer Wristlet Egy A1014
SoulShoesSoothsayer Shoes Egy A1014


Server Information
Status :

Players online: 4/500 (0.8%)
Team Member Online: 0 / 4
Max online: 18
Level Cap: 110
Experience rate: 20x
Party Experience rate: 25x
Item drop: 5x
Gold drop: 2x
Alchemy: 1x
HWID Limit: 2
IP Limit: 4

D11 Seal Of X
Nova Egy A Egy B
5 10 7
Edjka Found Heaven Necklace

Fortress Status & Time
Fortress Guild Tax
Alexandria The_Elite Tax: 5%
Fortress Begin End
Reg Friday 17:00 19:00
FW Friday 20:00 21:30

Top 1 Ranking
Top Name
Char Soul
Guild The_Elite
Hunter Ripine
Trader Maldaron
Thief pax
PvP Soul

Weekly Ranking
Events Name Points
Job NorseGodTyr 0
Unique Phadeus 456
Alchemy NorseGodTyr 0
Donate NorseGodTyr 0

Unique Kill
Name Unique
1PhadeusKilledWhite Knight

Name Message
1 Phadeus WOWOWOWO
2 Phadeus Heyyo
3 Phadeus Heyyo

Name Name
1 Edjka Killed Server
2 Edjka Killed Server
3 Edjka Killed Server