Legend VI has an assortment of items
in Game will undergo major changes.

Powerful 11th Degree items will appear in Heroes of Alexandria. Will also appear
New Set system. Regular / rare items of different levels will be
combined into a single Print.

Degree 11 item

Starting from Degree 11, the armor of European and Chinese players will not be different.

Armor sets

  • Armor (China) / Heavy Armor (Europe)
  • Garment (China) / Robe (Europe)
  • Protector (China) / Light Armor (Europe)

Weapon (China)

Reaper Ghost Sword
Storm Adamantine Blade
Reaper Soul Spear
Horyeokbongin Polearm
Mirage Illusion Bow
Splinter Shield

Weapon (Europe)

Satan Spine
Cain Sleip
Angel Breaker
Evil Arc
Arcane Hazard
Demonic Luster
Sacred Wing
Hell Havoc
Chaotic Eyes