Pharaoh Tomb

"Tomb of the Pharaoh " The very first
Silkroad Online Dungeon.

It is open to players of level 100 and above.
Depending on the difficulty, you can enter the dungeon 2 times a day
any day of the week around the clock. The strength of those living depends on the level of complexity
there are monsters in it. While hunting for unique monsters, players periodically
receive special coins that can later be exchanged for Set items.




"Tomb of the Pharaoh "- a dungeon with increasing complexity.
It is divided into three areas: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced.
The value of combat loot depends on the level of difficulty, the levels of monsters, experience points and skills.
Any player of level 100 and above can enter the entry level dungeon, but to enter
In the area of medium complexity, certain tasks must be completed.

Difficulty selection



Among the loot on the corpses of unique monsters can come across coins.
They come in two forms: silver and gold. In the Tomb of the Pharaoh
silver coins come across. Collected coins can be exchanged
on Set items in the appropriate store in Alexandria.


Apis Spawning Area

Sphinx Spawning Area

Sekhmet / Nephthys Spawning Area

Sekhmet / Nephthys Spawning Area

Horus Spawning Area

Osiris Spawning Area